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Space Adventurers

Space Adventurers
Game description

Genre: Action-adventure.

Gameplay is to pass the level piloting a reactive knapsack and not to touch walls or barriers. Also hero can throw bombs to ruin barriers and kill enemies.

Story: Heroes Houm (male) and Shey (female) travelling in the space decided to visit a strange planet.
After landing on the planet Shey has been stolen by incomprehensible creature. And Houm goes to save her piloting the reactive knapsack.

Story of game creation: a background for game creation was reminding about game Captain Beeble, come out on Atari in far 1983
Space Adventurers
Press Release

Get ready for mysterious adventures with Noom and Shay! True outer space wanderers, they are always game for anything in the darkest parts of the Universe. But even they have no idea what is coming THIS time!

You are free to join them. No fees. As an extra you can buy 7 permanent lives.

The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Supports retina displays
ОS: iOS 5.1 or later
Version: 1.0
Languages: English
About studio

Oxydeorange is an Indie Games Studio, which on this moment (29.11.2014) has the only one employee. Space Adventures is a first studio's game project.
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